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Volume 3 - Updated 09/07/2016

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The site of the Detroit United Organizing Committee (UOC) congratulates Los Angeles 2028 as TeamUSA's host city for the 2028 Summer Olympic / Paralympic Games.  Los Angeles will join London as the only cities to thrice host the Summer Olympic Games. Los Angeles resolved any doubts about it's capacity, willingness, and flexibility to achieve its unprecedented milestone in the modern Olympic era when each and every member of its city council joining their mayor in moving the Olympic Movement forward in North America. Again, congratulations, TeamUSA!


Metro Detroit and the Midwest USA is full of rational and sane sports fans who can sometimes be descried as sports nuts. How else can one explain our draping of over-sized professional sport jersey's on the monumental Spirit of Detroit statue after a national championship - or bionic racers annually competing in the annual international marathon 5k - the bionic racers who race for the love of sport and because they know the physical training is smart and fun.  Consistent with the Spirit of Detroit values and aspirations, in 2015 we formed an exploratory committee for a potential bid to host Great Games in the motor cities region of Southeast Michigan. ranked Michigan the No. 1 state in its definitive 2015 list after collaboratively researched and ranked the Detroit region as the No. 2 destination for sports travelers on March 13, 2015 according to the Detroit Free Press. 

Is boarding, as in the below image, an Olympic sport? Not yet. Are the motorsports like the Detroit Grand Prix and the annual Detroit River international hydroplane races Olympic sports? Not yet. What about Golf, like the annual PGA Rocket Mortgage Classic tournaments at the Detroit Golf Club set for 2019 - 2022? Golf is definitely Olympic caliber here.


Detroit’s a wonderful and fun city, but it could be even better.(Photo: Todd McInturf , The Detroit News )

According to the caption for the above photo by Todd McInturf of The Detroit News, "Detroit's a wonderful and fun city, but it could be even better" - especially with the Detroit 2023 and/or 2024 Games, that is! (emphasis added). LINK to the entire Detroit News story follows between the lines.

Detroit’s a wonderDetroit News )

Our Detroit United Olympic Organizing Committee (DUOOC or UOC), also known as an Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (OCOG), submitted a 05/24/2014 letter of support for a bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics in Metro Detroit.  The letter was co-signed by UOC co-founder, Jeffrey G. Nutt, and the Honorable Dane Slater, Mayor, City of Troy, Michigan, and was submitted to the Chief Bid Officer of the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) for USOC CEO Scott Blackmun. Approximately 3 weeks later, the US Olympic Committee decided to narrow the 2024 U.S. candidate cities field to a handful of excellent cities. The USA has the luxury of having a number of cities with the capacity to host great Games. 

Now that Tokyo 2020, Paris 2024, and Los Angeles 2028 are set, the Chief Bid Officer for the U.S. Olympic Committee, Chris Sullivan, advised Jeffrey G. Nutt in August 2018 that our local international committee, including the leadership that now includes Olympian Jim Stovall, would do well to pursue the novel World Victory Games concept that Mr. Nutt described could add an inclusive, synergistic momentum leading up to Los Angeles 2024.

What are the World Victory Games? They are the name of our Great Games originating in the Cool Cities of the Great Lakes State at the crossroads of Southern Canada and the Midwest USA. Where do we begin? Start using World Victory Games to describe our effort that would include a plan to enhance the Los Angeles 2028 Games effort with velocity and focus. Check out a planned blog post at


With a world-class motorsports twist, brand the amazing collection of iconic annual sports tournaments - starting with the cluster of Grand Prix, MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, and NCAA contests in one of the nation's premier Fulbright (mind) and fitness (sport) hubs - Michigan. Declare the cluster of annual contests the World Victory Games I for year one, II for year two, etc., creating a new property spotlighting world-class sport and motorsport tournaments, generating global television excitement and engaging youth in the Americas in fitness, free movement, and memorable Olympic movement moments. ranked Detroit the 2nd best U.S. city for sports fans in the recent past.

Did you know that annually thousands of Canadian fans have season tickets to Great Games in the most pedestrian-friendly U.S. city for the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL sport venues? All are within a walkable distance in Detroit, the largest metropolis on the world's longest open international boarder. Unbelievable but true! And now the Detroit Golf Club is hosting the PGA in June each year for for foreseeable future, not far from from a planned One University of the Americas Fulbright House that could one day emulate the historic  Rhodes House of Oxford University in the United Kingdom.

The most successful Olympian – Michael Phelps – trained in Ann Arbor, competing in the Pan Am Games held the year before the Olympics. Leading up to the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics, the proposed World Victory Games can dovetail with world-class motorsports including Detroit’s international hydroplane races, the Detroit Grand Prix, and the Michigan International Speedway. A Day at the Races could feature Free Prix Day and thoroughbred horse racing, while the only international marathon with an underwater mile amazes race fans and spectators from the hometowns of elite racers in 40 nations.

The Story of an Iconic Sports Metropolis - From Our Archives

The Detroit United Olympic Organizing Committee was established in May of 2013 at the request of One University of the Americas Fund (OUAF), a local international grassroots nonprofit quasi-private public charity in Troy, Michigan.  OUAF is an acronym for the assumed name of a university fund named in honor of the largest and most prosperous college at Oxford University, Christ Church College, where the Anglophile academics and sport are truly world class. aspires to train the youth of the Americas both mentally and physically.  

The City of Troy, Michigan is one of the safest cities in America and one of the top ten (10) family-friendly U.S. cities. We are within 500 miles of half of the U.S. population and more than half of the wealth of the United States and Canada. Troy is about 20 minutes from the world's busiest international land border crossing at the Port of Detroit and Windsor, Ontario.  If we succeed in our bid to host the 2023 Pan Am Games and/or the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games (aka "Great Games"), our Candidate City (a.k.a. Applicant City) mayor or his/her public official designee must agree to be the authorizing public official.  

Ours would reportedly be the first privately-funded bid to host the Great Games in Southeast Michigan / Metro Detroit.  Also known as an Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (OCOG), the UOC 501(c)(3) nonprofit team vision was inspired by the words of Ambassador Andrew Young's unequivocal statement in November 2012 that "Detroit would be a great city to host the Olympics." Ambassador Young served as Mayor of Atlanta and organized with eight (8) Georgia families the bid to host the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) president stated in his closing ceremony remarks at the 2014 Winter Olympics, that the host nation, Russia, demonstrated a compelling "need" to host the Games. The IOC gave the stated "need" great weight during its several rounds of voting. Until 2014, Russia had no national winter sports center following the dissolution of the Soviet Union.  

If you have any thoughts on what you believe might be the most compelling  reason for a U.S. city like Troy, or region like Detroit, to host the 2023 or 2024 Games, please give us a call at (313)559-6833 and ask to speak with Jeffrey G. Nutt personally.

Why Detroit and Troy in 2023?

An extreme sport finalist city in an X-Games host city bid in the recent past, Detroit loves the thrill of competition among the youth of the Americas and beyon. The first Olympics originated in Ancient Greece around the time when Greek literature first described a legendary city called Troy. The City of Troy, Michigan was named after the immortalized ancient city. With real places like Olympus Estates, Athens High School and Emerald Lakes, the City of Detroit's mayor Dane Slater joined the United Organizing Committee effort in 2014 to move the Olympic / Paralympic and Pan Am / Parapan Games movements forward. As the City of Los Angeles 2015 leadership would attest, his signature on a 2014 mayor letter was smart. 

Troy is the most populous city in Oakland County, one of the Nation's 20 most affluent counties per capita with a population exceeding 1,000,000. The city is a North American shopping and dining destination in the sport, music and technology hub of Southeast Michigan / Metro Detroit. After eight (8) previous publicly funded bids to host the Olympics in Michigan, the United Organizing Committee is reportedly the first privately-funded Michigan nonprofit bid effort to host either the Olympics or the Pan Am Games.  

Michigan's motor cities region is regarded as a sport, automation and music mecca seeking to welcome the youth of the world to “The Great Games of Tomorrow". Hopefully the next Great Games in the Great Lakes watershed of North America will resolve any doubts about whether summer weather and temperatures in the Great Lakes region are near ideal for athletes, fans, and dignitaries.

Athletes and Motorsport Racers from More than 40 Nations Annually Thrill Millions of Motor Cities Fans

Did you know that the Detroit Free Press hosts the world's only international marathon with an underwater mile -- in the Cities of Detroit and Windsor, Ontario? Our query about whether an Olympic marathon could be hosted on the same international route led a co-founder of the Detroit United Olympic Organizing Committee (UOC) to reach out to the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) Chief Bid Officer in August 2012.  No other region in North America has bid as many times to host the Olympics as Metro Detroit. That is why within a matter of several months' time in 2013, a 61-page dossier could be prepared so expeditiously and economically to make the case for a Metro Detroit bid to host the 2024 Games. 

The elite international marathon racers, wheelers, and bikers compete from more than 40 nations annually on a spectacular Detroit / Windsor riverfront that includes the world's largest city island park, Belle Isle State Park. The island also hosts the annual Detroit Grand Prix. Sports fans from near and far also come to Michigan's motor cities heritage area to enjoy all major American professional sports and other annual tournaments including 200 mile per hour hydroplane boat racers on the Detroit River. We are ideally situated at the crossroads of Southern Canada and the Midwest USA.

In 2020, the Port of Detroit / Windsor will add our sixth international crossing - a six lane Gordy Howe bridge named for the Canadian born National Hockey League legend who had a storybook career in Metro Detroit where he continues to live. Other crossings that already exist in the Port of Detroit are the two tunnels, the Ambassador Bridge, and the twin spans of Port Huron's Blue Water Bridge which are the most direct route between Chicago and Toronto. 

Sportsmen and women come from all over North America to enjoy our international waters that are a symbol of the continuos, flowing dialogue between the USA and Canada. We are home to the world's longest open international border.  If you have a Canadian or U.S. government issued ID, you are free to explore the boundary waters in both countries along the Great Lakes watershed as long as you don't step on the land of the other country.  How cool is that if you like sailing, swimming, canoeing, rowing or cruising?

Imagine thousands of volunteer hosts greeting visitors from around the world at the 2023 Pan Am Games or the 2024 Olympics, looking them in the eye, smiling with a firm hand shake saying, "We're United :-) Welcome!  If you look beneath the surface, the amount of Southern Hospitality in the Northern USA will astound you. Because of our incredibly mobile population, over a million Michiganders moved from one city to another in Southeast Michigan since our previous bid to host the 1972 Olympics in Detroit. 

On this site, Detroit is often regarded as both a city and a region also called Metro Detroit or Southeast Michigan. Southeast Michigan has 10 counties including one of the largest sports stadiums on earth in Ann Arbor. In the City of Detroit, Ford Field could potentially serve as a covered Olympic-sized stadium, located right next to major league baseball's Comerica Park and the $400 million District Detroit entertainment and professional hockey venues that are now under construction near Detroit's new light rail street car line. Metro Detroit's suburban Oakland County cities have experience hosting world class sport events including a Superbowl, NBA Championships, World Cup matches, Golf's U.S. Open and the Ryder Cup. The annual Woodward Dream Cruise attracts more than 1,000,000 spectators and thousands of classic car enthusiasts on a single August day -- the largest single day annual car event in the world.

Detroit is not only a sport travel hot spot with more than 40,000 hotel rooms but also North America's techno music hub and a magnet for fine, performing, classic and modern art and culture. In 2014 when the City of Troy and the OUAF public charity provided our mayor letter and 61-page dossier to the USOC, the City of Detroit was busy reorganizing. The Detroit Grand Bargain raised more than $800 million, mostly from charitable foundations including several with billions of dollars in assets, to protect Detroit's world class Detroit Institute of Art (with more than 80 galleries) and public pensioners. The City of Detroit is on a new trajectory of growth.

Once in a while, an opportunity comes along that makes a world of sense.  We are at a defining moment in the Olympic, Paralympic and Pan Am Games movements in the United States. To what extent can a bid for the 2023 Pan Am Games be dovetailed with a bid for the 2024 Olympics? The board members of the USOC can take decisive action to allow a logistics hub like Metro Detroit the opportunity to host the most sustainable, economical Games by using portable and reusable facilities and venues to the extent possible.

Our Detroit United Olympic Organizing Committee (aka United Organizing Committee or UOC) congratulates the USOC leadership for exploring the feasibility of advancing the name of an Applicant city with a candidate city to host the 2024 Summer Olympics.  Congratulations, Team USA!  We ask the USOC board members to consider Troy, Michigan / Metro Detroit as a candidate city for both Great Games in 2023 and 2024 for all of the reasons in the 61-page dossier, previously shared with the USOC, and available via the URL posted on the Bid Themes tab near the City of Troy tab at the top of this page.


LINK to Detroit News story Spotlighting Detroit United Olympic Organizing Committee below:

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If you have questions about our effort, feel free to reach out to Jeffrey G. Nutt, co-founder, Detroit United Olympic Organizing Committee at (313)559-6833 or (888)98HELP4, 200 East Big Beaver Road, Troy, MI 48083.   

We hope you will have the opportunity to join the Troy / Metro Detroit 2023 and 2024 Team as an athlete, an international or USOC guest, a member of our Advisory Council, or as one of approximately 100,000 prospective volunteers.  Many thanks for your interest in advancing the Olympic, Paralympic and Pan Am Games movements!  

Our Michigan nonprofit corporation is registered with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as a public charity. If the USOC board members concur, our public official signing authorities have the capacity to execute all necessary assurances needed for a candidate city bid to win an opportunity for the United States to host back-to-back 2023 Pan Am / Parapan Games. Our leadership team at is a hybrid of nonprofit, public, and private for-profit sector leadership. Boston's experience and the July 2015 Bid 2.0 taught us many lessons about candidate city bid efforts. The below URL is a portal to many practical lessons regarding Olympic host city bids. One day, the USOC board members may allow Bid 2.0 to be adapted to a public - private effort where a public charity signing authority provides the signing authority for the people of a municipality or for a metropolis.

If the USOC board members concur, a new type of non-profit touching the youth of the Americas may one day pursue a bid to host the Great Games aka Pan Am / Parapan or Olympic Games. is fortunate to have three (3) signing authorities who happen to also be three different types of public officials:  a Certified Public Accountant, a State Bar of Michigan licensed attorney, a public university official who is also a medical fellow and diplomate, and a federal commissioner. 

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We're United :-) Welcome!

United Organizing Committee for the Summer 2023 Pan Am Games / 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games Exploratory Committee Advisory Council:

Bob Kreipke, Ford Motor Company Corporate Historian

Jeffrey G. Nutt, Jeffrey G. Nutt & Associates, PLLC  Principal / Fulbright Association Michigan Chapter President

Dave M. Rayner, NFL Players Association Unrestricted Free Agent / Keller Williams Real Estate